Cooling and air-conditioning systems

Comfort and efficiency from the right pump
Pumps are the heart of any circulation system and accurately controlled circulation is the key to the users’ comfort and the efficiency of the entire system. When it comes to air conditioning, API Pumps has a long history of supplying superior, intelligent, quality pumps that guarantee performance and reliability. Controls and integrated frequency converters ensure maximum system intelligence, flexibility and the lowest life cycle costs.

Part of a bigger picture
Pumps have a severe influence on how efficiently other individual components in a circulation system work, and they exert a major influence on the overall system performance. That’s why it is absolutely crucial to focus on pump selection when designing an air-conditioning system. API Pumps has the expertise and experience to help with your selection.

Speed control means full control
Grundfos’ electronic speed control pumps give you intelligent pump operations that always match system loads. You are guaranteed maximum efficiency and a minimum of energy consumption. Furthermore, operating profiles can be adjusted to meet both seasonal and climatic changes, so we make sure you are always ahead of the game.

Pump Applications

A wide range of pumps for the transfer of water, cooling lubricants and other liquids in industrial and process systems.

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